Original Canada Blockhaus
by Charlie Manz

Original Canada Blockhaus by Charlie Manz

Naturstammhäuser kanadischer Bauart

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Charlie Manz® Loghomes since 1979

Fine Handcrafted Loghomes made in Germany - NATURAL LIVING AT ITS BEST

Charlie Manz® The First CE-certified Naturstammhaus of the EU. High-End handcrafted massive Wood Construction that meets highest European Standards.

Charlie Manz® - always a step ahead in research & development of latest technologies for mass wood and timber contruction.

Experience, passion and traditional high quality craftsmanship for Premium Quality Loghomes by Charlie Manz®

Each and every tree for our loghomes is examined with unsurpassed care and attention. Only if it fulfills all criteria and meets our premium quality standards, it qualifies as a log for a loghome by Charlie Manz®.

We have optimized the traditional handcrafted 3-point-saddle-notch for our loghomes.

Only our specialized custom-developed and prepared natural sheep wool is used for lateral grooves and notches.

The latest technology for specialized high-value, non-visible seals have been developed for long-life quality in our massive custom-built loghomes.

We offer German engineering and architectural design for individual planning as well as expert advice for best results and customer satisfaction; for non-toxic construction towards healthy and natural living space.

Besides the hand-crafted log house, we also offer individually designed mass timber buildings; cross-laminated timber combined with hand-crafted log or industrial log.

At Charlie Manz® Blockhaus GmbH, we have been dedicated to log building and mass timber for over 42 years.